Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello, Sprinkles!

Last week I traveled to Dallas for work with my husband. We were fortunate to have enough time to make a "required" stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes. I love the modern design of the place. It's sleek and clean and has lots of natural light. They have a "cupcake bar" where you can sip a coffee and eat your delicious cupcake while people-watching out the window.

I love these fabric cupcakes placed under the glass on the bar. Each flavor has a different colored dot.

A trip to Dallas would not be complete without taking some of these babies back home to Florida. Oh, a dozen should do it. I had to check them through security at the airport and the lady at the X-ray scanner yelled out "Who's cupcakes are these?" I proudly exclaimed, "Mine!" And she said, "You know there's one missing. Don't go blaming the TSA employees for eating your cupcake". (I just got a little hungry on the way to the airport, okay?). The flavors included: chocolate marshmallow, vanilla with chocolate icing, ginger lemon, cinnamon sugar, red velvet, dark chocolate, peanut butter chocolate and black & white! Yum!


Kye said...

mmm! look good!

Julia said...

Cute blog idea. I had a delicious cupcake today!